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What is Peek Vision?

With a mobile app and lens adapter we provide an easy to use, affordable and portable system for testing eyes, whether in a clinic or in the comfort of a patient’s home.

Acuity example
  • In home diagnosis
  • Share results and images
  • Store patient data
  • Easy follow up

Even more features

What does Peek do?


We're creating mobile based versions of everything you need for a comprehensive eye exam.

Our focus is on quality, reliability and usability. Before we release any tests for general use, they are rigorously verified with academic research in a variety of settings - ensuring we meet the high standards required for a clinical device.


High quality imaging, minimal training

Our low cost adapter, coupled with our supporting software, allows for high quality retinal imaging.

Cataract Imaging

See them clearly

Our adapter allows us to grade a cataract's severity for treatment classification.

Securely store and share

Remote assistance and review

Images and patient info can be securely stored and shared for off-site review.

Visual Acuity

For adults and children

We think we've redefined simplicity with our range of phone and tablet based visual acuity tests. Watch this space for automated testing harnessing the power of eye tracking technology.

Visual Fields

With a big field

By moving the focus target, we're able to ensure we still get a wide field evaluation, even on a standard 4" screen.

Colour and Contrast

Early trials

We're producing some innovative new tests to shake up the way colour and contrast testing is done - and for a fraction of the cost.

Patient data + Geo-Tagging

Follow up and outreach

We simplify contacting and finding patients in remote locations, with SMS notifications and location mapping. It's no use diagnosing a condition, if nobody can be found for treatment.

Our Visual Acuity app will be available soon

Research, Validation and Certification

We carry out research and development around the world to rigorously test and validate every one of our eye examination tools. We use realistic field conditions as well as clinical trials and will be transparent about results, whether positive or negative. We will only release tools once they are scientifically proven. The results of trials will be published for academic review.

Peek has patents pending. We are in the process of being certified for use within the European Union (CE Class 1) and all countries that follow guidelines of the UK Government’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Work toward the USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and certification is in progress.

See all our News and Research Projects    

The Nakuru Eye Disease Project Team

The team are using state of the art hospital based equipment in 100 different locations throughout the Nakuru County. The patients undergoing comprehensive ophthalmic assessment are also undergoing examination by community health care workers using Peek. The results can be compared with to ensure that Peek is not only effective but accurate.

The Coldest Journey

In December 2012 an expedition set off to cross Antarctica in winter. The team took Peek along to monitor the effects of cold and prolonged darkness on their eye health, and we were able to assess Peek's potential in the harshest of conditions.

Kitale, Kenya

In a pilot study led by Dr Hillary Rono, the Peek visual acuity app is being provided to teachers in Kenyan schools to identify children with visual impairment. Identifying and managing eye problems at an early age is crucial to help prevent under achievement at school and possible exclusion from society in later life but childhood blinding conditions are challenging to diagnose and are frequently missed during routine eye check-ups.

In Clinic Testing

We believe that Peek has applications in a wide range of circumstances, so we're also validating our results with testing in a formal clinic setting with our partners at the Glasgow Centre for Ophthalmic Research. We don't aim for products that are 'good enough' for remote rural settings when the usual equipment isn't available, we aim for high quality results that are suitable for convenient diagnosis in any setting.

The team in Kenya

Who are we?

Collaboration Across Disciplines

We're a team of ophthalmologists, engineers, business experts and software developers. We share a common vision to expand access to high quality eye care.

Our project got started during the planning of a study in rural Kenya. The logistical headaches of getting all the equipment needed to remote locations provided the motivation to search for a better way - we got together to get on with building it.

Dr Andrew Bastawrous

Dr Andrew Bastawrous

Our ophthalmologist, researching Peek's effectiveness in low income settings

Stewart Jordan

Stewart Jordan

Our software lead looking forward to sharing Peek with the open source community

Dr Iain Livingstone

Dr Iain Livingstone

Our paediatric acuity lead, helping develop and validate new methods in ophthalmic diagnostics

Dr Mario Giardini

Dr Mario Giardini

Our hardware lead, creating the gadgets that let us see inside the eye

Dr Matthew Burton

Dr Matthew Burton

A trusted adviser for all things eyes and funding

Nigel Bolster

Nigel Bolster

Working on our hardware designs alongside Mario

Kate Tarling

Kate Tarling

User researcher and product designer

And special thanks to Dr Hillary Rono, Dr Hannah Kuper, Dr Tunde Peto and the many other individuals who have contributed to Peek's ongoing development

Our Partners and Funders

Jubilee Trust
The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Glasgow Centre for Ophthalmic Research
University of Strathclyde
International Centre for Eye Health
Moorfields Eye Hostpital
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
International Glaucoma Association
Medical Research Council
Fight for Sight
British Council for the Prevention of Blindness
University of St Andrews
Sony Mobile Communications

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