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Peek Retina is  our smartphone based ophthalmoscope that enables retinal  imaging using a phone. The retina (back of the eye) is a window to the health of the eye and more broadly general health including diabetes, and high blood pressure. Capturing images of the back of the eye means if you’re not sure about what you’ve seen, getting a second opinion is easy.

Prototypes of Peek Retina have undergone extensive validation including a trial in partnership with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the Kenyan Ministry of Health and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust. Over 2,000 retinal images were taken using Peek Retina and a standard desktop retinal camera, both were independently graded at Moorfields.

Grading of the optic nerve was found to be comparable using both methods and our research has been published and is open access here.

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