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2018    UBS Global Visionaries Award
    Ashoka Fellowship
2017   Royal Photographic Society Awards Combined Royal Colleges Medal
    Fondation Pierre Fabre Global South eHealth Observatory awards
    European Product Design Awards Designs for Society and Industrial and Life Science Design Awards
2016   Rolex Awards for Enterprise
    Digital Top 50 Awards - Best Tech for Social Impact
    Clearly Lifetime Achievement Award
2015   Index: Award
    Gifted Citizen Award
    Mazda Rebels Award
2014   AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards
    Icon Awards - Socially Responsible Design Award
    Nominet Trust 100
2012   Max Perutz Science Writing Award

36 million people worldwide are blind.  Four in five of them could keep their sight with simple surgery or treatment.  Millions more can't see clearly, yet need no more than a simple pair of glasses.  We won't stop until everyone has been linked to the treatment and services they need.