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Peek is an impact-driven organisation.  This means our work is always focused on the people and communities who will benefit the most from improved access to eye care.  

The Peek Vision Foundation is a registered charity in the UK. The Foundation wholly owns a trading company, Peek Vision Ltd, which is a legal manufacturer of medical devices.

The Foundation uses the Company to create and distribute products and services to bring sustainable, high impact eye care to partners worldwide.  

All profits generated by the Company’s activities ultimately belong to the Foundation, which uses them to reinvest in building eye care capacity in low and middle-income countries by supporting people, knowledge and tools.

If you would like to financially support the work of the Peek Foundation, you can donate via the American Friends of the Peek Vision Foundation (US) or JustGiving (rest of world).  

36 million people worldwide are blind.  Four in five of them could keep their sight with simple surgery or treatment.  Millions more can't see clearly, yet need no more than a simple pair of glasses.  We won't stop until everyone has been linked to the treatment and services they need.