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Peek Retina FAQ

Yes. Peek Retina comes with a universal clip that enables you to align with any smartphone camera.

All products are functionally the same, but local taxes and regulations are calculated based on the intended use of the product. If you are intending to use Peek Retina for medical use we can only ship to countries where it is currently registered as a medical device. If you are intending to use for education or veterinary purposes there are no shipping restrictions.

Educational and Veterinary products can be delivered globally. Peek Retina Medical is a registered medical device so we are only able to deliver to countries where the device is currently registered.  This list will be updated as the device is registered in new countries. 

Our preferred carrier, UPS, delivers to almost all addresses within the UK and every country in the world. Unfortunately, we can’t offer delivery to PO boxes or the Channel Islands. Please contact us if your address falls in any of these categories.

Peek Retina is intended for use within existing healthcare systems to expand the circumstances where retinal images can be acquired for the purpose of making monitoring and referral decisions. This includes enabling non-specialist staff to acquire images, when properly managed, and images to be acquired in non-traditional settings such as communities and non-ophthalmic clinics. Specialist clinicians and graders can receive images for assessment and referral decisions from a much wider range of patients and locations, increasing their reach and effectiveness while also freeing up their time from non-specialist tasks such as case finding. Images are shareable in multiple ways and into many types of system architecture and workflow.

You can purchase a Peek Retina in our online store. Please note shipping will be calculated at the checkout and varies across regions.

No. Peek Retina is intended as a device for healthcare workers to use with their patients.

Yes. In almost every case you will need to dilate the pupil to see the back of the eye with Peek Retina. It may be possible to capture optic disc images from some eyes without dilation, but this is not usually the case. With dilating drops the expected field of view is equivalent to current leading wide field ophthalmoscopes.

Yes. Peek Retina can be used successfully to capture retinal images from children. It can be more difficult to capture a wide field of view on small eyes. As with any examination of a child, they may not respond to your instructions in the same ways as an adult.

We are keen to see Peek Retina used and tested in multiple settings and to hear about projects it is helping.  However, we are a small company and can’t support formal partnerships with everybody who would like to use our solutions in research. If you would like to conduct a research study using Peek Retina, please read about our research and contact us if you would like to discuss a research proposal.

“When you meet people and you can solve their problem, it’s a great feeling - it is not just my joy, but the joy of the patient. And when you share their joy then that is double joy.”

Dr Hillary Rono

Ophthalmologist and Peek Kenya Country Manager