80% of blindness can be treated or prevented but 36 million people worldwide are blind. 90% of them are in low and middle income countries, where they live separated from local services.

Peek helps find people with visual impairment using evidence-based solutions, including apps and carefully designed workflows. We work with local partners who implement mass vision screening programmes. Our solutions help increase the quality of eye health services, providing guaranteed treatment and realtime reporting.

Peek Solutions: We use an evidence-based public health approach to provide methodologies, training and tools to create connected health systems, enabling continuous improvement. We use our apps to deliver high-quality eye tests within the solutions. 

Partners: Many outstanding organisations have been working for decades to reduce avoidable blindness across the globe. Our collective ambition to see avoidable blindness eliminated can only be realised by working together to deliver high quality, evidence-based eye care to everyone. We are building an ecosystem that enables partners, large or small, to use our solutions and for us to learn from the best in the field. 

Projects: Retina imaging should be standard practice as part of any eye health programme and as part of all general medical assessments. There is a need for retinal imaging at a radically greater scale as a fundamental part of identification and treatment. Peek are working on reducing both the barriers to access and the barriers to diagnosis.

Team: The Peek team aims to deliver excellence and human centred solutions that are a delight to use. Our team at Peek is small and focused. In order to deliver excellence we hire the best. At Peek we believe in building the right core competencies for delivering excellence in an accountable and transparent way. Our team includes not just our staff but also our partners, funders, suppliers and supporters.

How we measure: Our vision, mission and values define why we exist, who we are and how we behave. At peek we measure everything we do with an aim of improving quality of care for beneficiaries and providing evidence for improvement at program and organisational levels. Below is an example of the information Peek Solutions collects. We use a dashboard to display the data as it allows everyone working in the project to see in a single snapshot the progress being made. This particular dashboard shows the results from a school screening program. Any child that is identified as needing referral during the screening process is tracked through their care journey until they receive the help they need.

How to get involved There are many ways to help us achieve the Peek missionDonating is one way to support us, but you can also become a Peek user by downloading our app or purchasing a Peek Retina.

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