Multiple vision tests

Measuring Vision is a vital indicator of eye health and general health. Measuring vision helps us decide who needs specialist review, who needs treatment and the success of the treatment given. There are multiple forms of vision including acuity (central vision), contrastcolour, and visual fields (peripheral vision). We also help understand the test score using vision simulations.


Peek Acuity

A letter “E” is shown on the screen. It changes in orientation and size. Each size being a different vision level.  The patient points in the direction of the E and the tester records this response by swiping on the phone screen in the same direction the patient pointed (there is no need for the tester to look at the screen – the app works out if the answer was right or wrong). The app calculates the vision score and presents at the end of the test and links to SightSim to show what the visual world looks like for the person just tested.

Several large studies have been conducted to validate Peek Acuity compared to clinical standards. One of the largest trials was published in JAMA Ophthalmology in 2015 and is available to read here.

Peek Acuity has also been used to support important research including this work published in Lancet Global Health.

Release plan
Peek Acuity has now been certified as a medical device (UK and Ireland) and can be initially released for use in the European Union. We have released  it to a small number  of Android users for feedback and will be releasing to a wider group soon. Sign up here for all the latest updates. We will also be making it available for iOS via the Apple App Store and are making plans to release it worldwide.

Peek Acuity Pro (UK and Ireland) and Peek Acuity (Worldwide) are both available to download from the Google Play store.


Peek Contrast

Although Visual Acuity is the most recognised measure of a person’s vision, we recognise that Acuity is a high contrast black on white test. Detection of contrast levels provides additional information of visual status and optic nerve function that further supports our understanding of how someone can see. Many people with low contrast sensitivity struggle with daily visual functions, despite some having a good acuity. Peek Contrast will provide an easy to use, accurate and validated way of measuring contrast sensitivity with intuitive results. 


Peek Red

The red desaturation test is used  by eye health professionals as a way of subjectively testing for a relative difference in red appreciation between the patient’s two eyes. A red pen top or bottle top is often used. Although a helpful test for assessing optic nerve function, it doesn’t allow for any measure of difference between the two eyes or change over time. Peek Red will enable a more objective measure of this. Peek Red is currently in testing and validation.


Peek Colour

Colour Vision testing is useful for detecting hereditary colour blindness, a common condition which often goes undiagnosed. There are various types of colour vision defect and each effect people differently, for example not being able to differentiate certain colours which can be a problem if working as an electrician or trying to navigate the London underground map. We are building a simple to use test to help pick up common colour deficiencies and will link this to a Peek Colour Simulator to both help others understand your visual world and in a different mode allow you to use the simulator to differentiate between colours you can’t normally see if you are colour blind. This test is still being designed and will need to undergo validation work prior to preparation for release. If you are known to be colour blind and would be interested in participating in studies, please send us an email to [email protected].

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