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At Peek Vision we are always looking for ways to improve access for remote patients. This sometimes means creating portable and affordable alternatives. Peek Retina is the first product, we believe there will be many more.

Peek Retina

Available to buy now

Peek Retina is our smartphone based ophthalmoscope that enables retinal imaging using a smartphone. It is available to buy and can be used with any smartphone. It is designed to enable your smartphone camera to capture retinal images through a dilated pupil and can be used in any environment from clinical settings to remote rural areas. Click here to watch a short video about the launch of Peek Retina. 

Peek Retina Non-mydriatic

In development

To get the best quality images of the retina the pupil needs to be dilated, however this is not always possible due to time constraints, patient comfort or having access to the medical professional who can administer the drops. In order to maximise access to help in these cases we would love there to be a device that could help.

Peek ROP

In development

The early weeks of life are critical for the eye and retina development. Advances in care for prematurely born babies has led to their increased survival rates. However a consequence of the life-saving interventions is a blinding eye disease called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) which can leave the child severely visually impaired for the rest of their lives.

Peek Retina App

In development

We want retinal imaging capabilities to be in the hands of every health worker who needs it. As such, Peek Retina, our smartphone based ophthalmoscope, is designed to be compatible with a wide range of handsets. Peek Retina works fine with your standard camera app but for those wanting to get the best possible image the Peek Retina App helps fine-tune your smartphone camera for retinal photography.

Peek Retina Stitching

In development

During retinal imaging, understanding which parts of retina have been seen and, more importantly which areas have been missed, can be a difficult task. We are currently working with partners to develop image stitching software that allows users of Peek Retina to build a mosaic of the retina in real-time as they pan around the eye.

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