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Peek is working with local partners to improve the quality of care through preferred practice methodologies and tools based on evidence. We use data and reporting to reshape behaviour based on continuous improvement.




School Screening

Peek School Screening utilises the Peek Acuity sight tests to capture information about schoolchildren who don’t see well.  The information about those children is automatically sent to a local eye care professional who can schedule visits to the school.  They can then work out the reasons for the sight problems, as well as providing treatment (e.g. glasses, eye drops) or refer them on for specialist care. Parents of the children receive automated SMS (text) messages or voice messages in their local language notifying them of the result of the screening tests. The head teacher or contact person for the school receives an SMS list of the children in their school who require further support and reminders to those who have not yet received it.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Peek Diabetic Retinopathy Screening utilises the Peek Acuity sight test and Peek Retina hardware to capture information about people with diabetes attending primary healthcare facilities. Information about patients – including retinal images – is sent to a server where a trained grader or eye care professional can view the images and provide grading and decisions on next steps. This information is automatically shared with the patient via SMS (text) messages, and the referring clinic is updated on the outcome of the patients they have referred. Anyone needing treatment is logged with the hospital that provides the Diabetic Retinopathy service, so they know to expect them.  Automated reminders are sent to non-attenders. Information from the screening system can populate a hospital electronic medical record.

Community Screening

Peek Community Screening uses the Peek Acuity sight tests to capture information about people in the community who don’t see well or have other eye complaints. The information is automatically sent to a local healthcare clinic, where a more detailed assessment can take place using guided decision-making algorithms. These help ensure that those needing urgent care are referred to the right place quickly and those who can be managed locally are given the advice to do so.  This reduces the burden on the busy hospitals who often see many patients that could be managed in primary care, and it ensures that people in the community who might never have previously received eye healthcare start to access services. Patients and their families or other key contacts receive automated SMS (text) messages or voice messages in their local language notifying them of the result of the screening tests and clinic visits.

Population Eye Health Surveys

Understanding the need of an entire community, county or population requires a robust sampling strategy. We use the Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB) methodology which is tried and tested and has been adopted by the eye health community. We are upgrading the solution to be fully digital and incorporating service assessments that enable effective planning of services for a population.

Remote retina examinations

Retinal imaging should be standard practice as part of any eye health program. There is a need for retinal imaging at a radically greater scale as a fundamental part of identification and treatment.  Images captured need to be of good enough quality to enable diagnosis but are limited by the need to dilate, field of view, ability to share and grade.  There are multiple barriers to access including cost of equipment and access to trained professionals.  Peek are working on reducing both the barriers to access and the barriers to diagnosis.  Peek Retina is our flagship smartphone adapter that increases access and acts as a platform for other technologies to build solutions upon. 

Peek Retina

Peek Retina is a portable ophthalmoscope that enables you to view and capture retinal images on your smartphone wherever you are, through a dilated eye.   Find out more

Peek Acuity

Peek Acuity and Peek Acuity Pro are smartphone-based vision eye test apps, engineered by eye experts, that allow anyone to measure visual acuity using only their smartphone. It is designed to help screen and identify people who need further examination.

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Peek Retina Camera

In development

The Peek Retina Camera app is a tool to help you capture better images using your Peek Retina device by automatically optimising your phone’s camera settings to make it easier for you to capture good quality fundus images.

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