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Peek Retina is a portable ophthalmoscope that enables you to view and capture retinal images on your smartphone wherever you are, through a dilated eye.

Getting started

  1. Remove the lens cap
  2. Rotate the Clip Dial to release
  3. Slide Peek Retina from the Clip

Turn On and Charging Press the On Button to turn on the Examination Lights. If the indicator light flashes attach the charging cable to the USB port and charge. You can use Peek Retina while charging (Approx. 100 examinations per charge).

Attaching the Clip to your Smartphone

  1. Remove any phone protective case.
  2. Slide the Clip over the top of your smartphone so the Dial is on the front and the magnetic plate is on the back.
  3. Ensure your smartphone camera aperture is central to the clip.
  4. Rotate the Dial to secure in place. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
  5. Switch on your smartphone camera.

Attaching Peek Retina to the Clip

  1. Press the On Button to turn on the Examination Lights.
  2. Attach Peek Retina to the Clip via the magnetic plates.
  3. Slide Peek Retina to align the Examination Lights with the camera.

Optimising for Image Capture

  1. Slide Peek Retina up and down until the image is central.
  2. Phone camera settings can be optimised for use with Peek Retina. Please see website for details.
  3. Adjust the brightness between Low, Medium and High as required by pressing the Brightness Button

Practice using Peek Retina with the Training Eye Box The Training Eye Box contains 2 cards with images of various retinal conditions. It has been designed to help you practice using Peek Retina

  1. Now that you are set up you are ready to begin using Peek Retina.
  2. View by shining the Examination Lights through the Practice Dilated Pupil on the lid of the box.
  3. Focus the image as needed.
  4. To view a different image,take the lid off and rotate

Using Peek Retina on a Patient

  1. Dilate the patient’s pupil in the eye you wish to examine. Always follow local medical guidance and regulations.
  2. Wait until the pupil is fully dilated (~15 minutes).
  3. Set up Peek Retina as per the above instruction and turn on.
  4. Approach at an angle to the patient’s eye.
  5. Look for a “red reflex”. This a red or orange coloured pupil.
  6. Keep the red reflex in the centre of the screen as you move closer.
  7. Allow your smartphone to focus. This may take a second or two. Lightly touch the screen to refocus on the retina if needed.
  8. Best images are when you are within 1cm of the eye.
  9. Rest your extended fingertips gently against the patient’s forehead, to provide stability.
  10. Adjust the brightness level (low, medium, high) according to patient comfort and image brightness.
  11. Always use the lowest brightness setting that the patient is comfortable

Storage Store safely when not in use. Use the Lens Cap to keep dust free. To clean the window gently rub with the dry Microfibre Pouch provided.


  • For professional use.
  • Designed for use on dilated (mydriatic) pupils; use on non-dilated(non-mydriatic) pupils will be very limited and may not offer any imaging inside the eye.
  • For best results hold within 1cm of the eye.
  • Do not use for extended periods on a single eye. Prolonged use may cause patient discomfort and risks eye damage.
  • Multiple short viewings on a single eye are more comfortable for the patient than one long viewing.
  • Total typical examination time is 1-3 minutes, skilled users may be quicker.
  • Normal use may cause the patient’s eye to water, blink or experience a temporary after-image (similar to seeing a camera flash).
  • Do not use if damaged in any way, including a cracked case or lens, broken clamping screw, or if there is any other sign of damage.
  • Follow usual patient cross-contamination guidelines. Avoid potential transfer of diseases between patients by cleaning your Peek Retina before every new patient using an anti-bacterial wipe.

If you have any queries please contact us on
[email protected]

Instructions for use – Select your language (PDF):

Peek Retina Demonstration


Effect Cause Action
Examination lights do not turn on Battery needs charging Charge the battery by connecting the USB cable provided to a power supply
No image on smartphone screen Smartphone camera app not switched on Turn on smartphone camera app
Dark smartphone camera screen Illumination lens unit or clip misaligned Check alignment of unit and clip and realign if required, ensure unit is on
Image cut off or at edge of screen Illumination lens unit or clip misaligned Check alignment of unit and clip and realign if required
Images are out of focus Autofocus not optimising view Phone case preventing contact with phone camera Touch screen to autofocus Remove any protective phone case from phone before use
Images are hazy Smartphone camera lens and/or illumination lens are not clean Clean smartphone camera lens and both glass surfaces of illumination lens unit using the dry microfibre pouch provided
Image too bright/dark Different eye types require different brightness levels Use the Brightness Button to switch between – Low, Medium, High
Patient discomfort during examination with Peek Retina Patients will have different tolerance levels to light Use the Brightness Button to switch between Low, Medium and High whilst still maintaining image quality – Allow the patient to rest before trying again
Poor image capture Patient movement, various eye conditions, non-optimal environment Ask the patient to focus on something in the distance or try video capture and then edit and save best frames (still images) from video captured

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