Peek creates impact by working with implementation partners. We work hand in hand with our partners on projects dedicated to using and improving our solutions.

Cynthia Sennye Mautswe

Peek User Support Officer, Gaborone, Botswana I joined the Peek team to help towards an aim of preventing avoidable blindness. I love to see many students who had been struggling with school work finally getting help that essentially improves their lives in all ways.

Cosmas Bunywera

Programme Manager, Nakuru and Kitale, Kenya
I joined peek with the main aim of making income out of the work that I was going to do. But upon beginning and speaking extensively with Andrew, all this went away and as I was meeting people who were hopeless and went blind because of treatable conditions, it really got into the depth of my heart that as long as I live I need to do something about it. This feeling has never left me and this is the main reason why am committed to ensuring that Peek is a success because it will not only help the people in Kenya but also other countries in the world.

Mary Juliet Khachesanga

Project Screener, Trans Nzoia County, Kenya

I work with a team of Peek screeners as part of the Trans Nzoia County school screening program. We are all special needs teachers which help us communicate easily with the teachers and pupils of the schools we screen. I collaborate closely with Dr Rono who started the Peek program. He knew I was already trained in low vision and asked me to join and help form the team. I really enjoy identifying more children for intervention and they are now being treated. They then improve academically as a result.

Maipelo Jeremiah

Project Manager, Botswana

Peek Botswana is so amazing, I have learnt so much from them. They have pushed me to get where I am. They do not work independently but as a team. They care about the kids so much. I love making an impact on people’s lives and Peek gave students who had poor vision hope to see better.

SK Ejas

Project Administrator, Hyderabad, India

It’s a great experience working with Ms Priya and the team. We worked in collaboration with leading eye hospital in Hyderabad and I got an opportunity to manage three teams each constituting an optometrist, four screeners and triage experts. It was also great working with an excellent team from the UK. Peek is developing its system day by day and such affordable technology is very useful for LMICs. Working for such innovations will always be exciting. I want to have this background behind me for further jobs. I want the experience to develop my future in this project.

Dinesh Raj

Project Coordinator, Hyderabad, India

Affordable technology for all – is the catch. I was awaiting an opportunity to give my research skills a flavour of project management and I consider myself lucky for being introduced to Peek by my mentor and supervisor Prof. GVS Murthy. I am inquisitive towards using affordable technology for public health and Peek fits best in that category. Peek is trying to establish a system and they make sure such systems are in place while working for them. Peek has a team of experts and are well-organised. Any problems I face, I receive the best possible solution even while working in different time zones.

Jayanthi Sagar

Project Manager, Hyderabad, India

Working with a team as a project manager to train the field investigators on using the Peek app and getting permission from government officials and looking after the logistical arrangements and smooth running of the project along with team management in given timeline. I joined the team to improve the quality of life among children with visual disability. I really like that it’s a portable too and easy to access in the remote areas where people cannot afford to go for eye checkup.

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